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Some of the problems we all experience are not felt at a level that is diagnosable or considered a full clinical disorder.

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Relationship issues, self-worth and confidence issues, low-level depression and anxieties, loneliness and lack of social skills, pre-marital issues and many other issues are all included in this category of our services. Coaching, mentoring and pastoral counseling are not necessarily reimbursed by your medical insurance but can be much more flexible because these services are being administered outside of the structure inherent to insurance company regulations.


Coaching is one of the fastest growing mental health type services in the industry, and we believe that Renewal has some of the best! A coach is there to push you to higher levels, and a mentor is one that has been some places that you have not. Good coaches and mentors are loving and caring, but they have a vision of seeing you reach new heights and they have the tools to help you get there. Hire a coach and a mentor and watch your effectiveness in life reach new levels! As the scripture says, "One can overcome a thousand, but two can overcome ten thousand." A Renewal coach will be by your side in the role of being "a battle buddy" who jumps in and fights together with you against whatever the obstacles may be!

Pastoral Counseling

The tools used in Pastoral Counseling type interventions do not necessarily require us to focus on a mental health diagnosis or the full array of medically supervised interventions that are inherent to purely clinical counseling services. At Renewal Christian Counseling Center we have become known for using spiritual tools such as meditation, scriptural interventions, and inner healing prayer models. Many hundreds of our clients are finding a depth of healing through these interventions that they could not find through numbers of purely clinical counselors in their past. Instead of just learning to cope, they are being led towards healing because they are deciding to allow more than a medical intervention or a psychological intervention - they are inviting a God intervention! God makes a MUCH more effective counselor than any other, and many have said that they have found healing and relief that they have found NOWHERE else because they have learned to connect to “The True Counselor”!

Theophostic Prayer Ministry is a research-based and proven intervention that is often used at Renewal as it helps to give structure to our prayerful request for God to illuminate the roots and origins of the symptoms from which we suffer. Past traumas, abuses and forms of emotional neglect have led to us interpret the world around us in ways that now keep us from trusting, from relating, from feeling and from truly living. These past beliefs stored in our experiences need to be revisited and reinterpreted for us to truly be free from them. When the false beliefs or lies are replaced with truth, we truly are then set free! Isn't it time to quit trying to put a bandaid on your symptoms and get to the bottom of things? Prayer ministry WILL help!

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