Family Counseling

Keeping the family together in our culture is a difficult task. Renewal is here to be a part of your support system.

Get Your Family Back

Help your family connect again.

Families are under tremendous pressure in our culture today. Your Renewal counselor will do a full assessment of your family dynamics and needs and will develop interventions that do not single out any one person in the family but rather engages the entire family and empowers them all to be part of the solution. Divorce, blended family issues, parenting issues, grief and loss and family structuring needs are all addressed in family counseling. We love families at Renewal and would love to become a part of your family support system!

Many families have found peace in place of chaos after getting the help that they have needed at Renewal Center. The family home can truly be a place of safety, comfort, peace and security, and if yours is not then it is time to get some help! Our interventions start with a full history of the family, an assessment of the roles of family members and the issues that need to be addressed. You will find that no matter how resistant members of the family are to the process of healing, that there is hope here at Renewal Center for all to feel safe to engage and trust the healing process. Interventions also include practical teaching and coaching towards increased communication, resolving conflicts, boundary setting and family structuring methods that support the parents as the authorities of the home but also help them to serve the others effectively.

In family therapy, all members of the family are present at most sessions. The identified patient is the family member with the symptom that has brought the family into treatment, but the real client is seen as the family in its entirety, not the individual. Family therapy is based on family systems theory, which understands the family to be a living organism that is more than the sum of its individuals. Family therapy uses "systems" theory to evaluate family members in terms of their position or role within the system as a whole. Problems are treated by changing the way the system works rather than trying to "fix" a specific member. Family work then is not only more effective in that it involves changing systems more than changing people, but protects the family then from scapegoating one or more persons as being the problem alone. While we recognize the individual’s need to take responsibility for himself in family therapy, we are to guard against projecting all the issues onto those that may be acting out the dysfunction of the family.

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