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Group therapy is proven to be the most effective intervention for treating many disorders and symptoms. Work with others to obtain valuable skills.

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Growing and learning together.

The Renewal Group model is to teach, teach, and teach some more within a validating and open environment to help our clients apply what they are learning with others who understand!

Groups are offered periodically at Renewal on topics such as Anger Management, Marital Issues, Women's Issues, Men's Issues including Sexual Addictions, Codependency, Adolescent Issues including Cutting and Self-Mutilation, etc. Our ongoing therapy groups at Renewal utilize the skills taught by the DBT curriculum, which is a method of using significant group time to teach specific skills that most in our groups have not been taught prior to their time with us.

DBT Skill Building

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a research-based, nationally proven program specifically designed to help with difficulties that have been resistant to traditional “talk therapy.” Diagnoses such as Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, as well as those with strong relationship difficulties and anger problems, have all benefited greatly from this program!

Dialectic means “balance” and Behavioral describes our need to act out our new skills being learned. Put them together and this therapy teaches you how to balance your thoughts and provides accountability to practice them as you learn. Come ready to be challenged! Dialectic Behavioral Therapy won’t feel like a typical support group; it is more like a college course as you learn over 40 practical tools to handle your emotional difficulties. The group's core is the dynamic of having a “validating environment” from which its members can be challenged and loved towards growth no matter what their struggle! Dialectic Behavioral Therapy may be cutting edge for the Mental Health field, but it is not new for Renewal because the mental health field is only just discovering what we have already learned - the effectiveness of combining our spirituality and faith as a vital piece of the healing process. Come ready to learn spiritually, emotionally and physically!

*Full DBT programs include services that are not included in the following group. Please note that this group is a “DBT Skill Building group” and though it teaches the DBT curriculum, it does not qualify as a full DBT Program.

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