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Questions about the physical and chemical origins of your mental health symptoms? Renewal's medical team is here to help determine need for and prescribe medications when needed. They will also monitor their safety and effectiveness.

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We treat the whole person – body, soul, and spirit!

Our team of medical professionals is available to you at Renewal to rule out any physical origins of your mental health symptoms and to suggest medical interventions to treat them. Our talented and caring doctors work with the youngest to the oldest and will be here to prescribe medications when needed and to monitor their safety and effectiveness.

At Renewal, our medical team is here to serve you! Sometimes mental health symptoms are resistant to psychotherapy alone, and medications are often a first line offense in the fight for change. This is when it may be time to meet with a Renewal Psychiatrist. Your Renewal Psychiatrist will meet with you for an initial assessment which will focus largely on your medical and physical history. Your doctor will utilize psychopharmacological (medications for mental health issues) interventions if warranted and will then monitor these medications to make sure you have the right medication and dosage to best meet your needs.

Our Psychiatrists are specialists in the field of mental health treatment and they will oversee the treatment plan that you and your counselor decide on together. Many clients come to Renewal on medications prescribed by their Primary Care Physician, but have chosen to consult with a Renewal Psychiatrist to more fully understand the medication interventions that their primary doctor was prescribing. Others have had a psychiatrist in the past or still have one but have chosen to work with a Renewal doctor instead so that their treatment team can work together under one roof. We require that you attend at least one counseling session a month with your clinician in conjunction with your medication services; our doctor's services are only one part of your plan for change and healing!

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