Child Counseling & Play Therapy

Role playing, drawing, art projects, and the use of clinically significant toys can help children learn to express their feelings and assist in dealing with behavioral problems.

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We love to work with children!

We have gone to great lengths to make Renewal Center a place where your child can grow into all that he/she was created to be! Children struggle with emotional difficulties too but do not have the skills that we do as adults to manage their emotions.

Children need emotional support too, and they can be assisted best by being taught to verbalize their difficulties through play and activity. Role playing, drawing, art projects and the use of clinically significant toys can help in facilitating the resolution of childhood issues such as anger, grief, sadness, oppositional-defiant behavior, bed wetting, etc. Giving your child the chance to heal and grow in therapy today will help prevent them from carrying these things into their adulthood as many of us have done!

Medically, we have searched and found a group of very talented and experienced child psychiatrists to oversee and direct all clinical services for your child. The best therapy for your child comes from the best assessment and diagnosis, which is why we make our child psychiatrists available to you as part of an active therapy process with a Renewal clinician.

Treatment for children has to be family-based, and it has to be FUN! Each of our Renewal offices is equipped with a a play therapy room that will keep your child interested and engaged in the process of healing! Puppets, anatomical dolls, games, drawing boards, and many more play therapy tools are used to help kids use to find the thoughts and emotions that are leading to their behaviors. The language of a kid's heart is play, and play is therapeutic at Renewal!

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