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Renewal Center will contract with businesses and churches for an annual fee that will provide its members with a set number of sessions with our counselors.

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EAP stands for “Employee Assistance Program” and has been widely popular in the business sector because of its low cost and high rate of return for employers in terms of increased productivity and retention of personnel. EAP contracts are also beneficial for our faith-based communities and can be purchased for an entire church body or for smaller groups. Trainings and ongoing clinical support for your business, agency or church may be what you need to take you to the next level.

Employee assistance programs come in many shapes and sizes, but essentially they are packages that an employer or church leadership purchase up front and are utilized by everyone included in that package for the following year. Participants utilize the program free of charge at the level of care that was purchased. At Renewal, our Full Service Model provides up to 6 face-to-face contacts to participants. Smaller packages can be purchased such as our Assess and Refer Model that provides for up to 3 face-to-face sessions free of charge to the client. The idea of an EAP is to do short term therapy, give the client some direction and tools to cope with their circumstances and then refer to more intensive services if needed.

The EAP worker may be used in a Human Resources capacity with “return to work” programs that can be monitored and facilitated by the EAP clinician to work with the client on issues such as employee anger problems, substance abuse issues, missed work, or low productivity. Many other exciting services are offered in our EAP packages. Prices are customized for your needs, so please call us for more information!

Our Employee Assistance Models

Discounted Fee


Per Month
  • Helpline/Access to Services
  • Telephonic Screening, Consultation & Referral
  • Sessions provided at our lowest sliding scale, paid for by the employer
  • Short term assessment and referral services, paid for one session at a time
  • Formal Account Management - Renewal will bill your organization
  • Legal Referrals to the client
  • Financial Referrals to the client
  • Promotional Materials
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Access & Refer


Per Month
  • Helpline/Access to Services
  • Telephonic Screening, Consultation & Referral
  • Up to 3 Face-to-Face Problem Identification/ Assessment/Referral sessions
  • Formal Management Referrals
  • Account Management
  • Legal Referrals
  • Financial Referrals
  • Family Resources
  • Unlimited Telephonic Management Consultation
  • Quarterly Utilization Reports/User Feedback
  • 2 On-Site Orientations
  • 1 Hour of On-Site Training/Year
  • Promotional Materials
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