Luke Tolnai, NP



Tired of ER visits due to panic attacks? Do you feel anxious, sad, out of control, or overwhelmed? Do you experience racing thoughts, trouble sleeping, or trouble relaxing? Are you feeling sad, like a dark cloud is over you, or experiencing trauma responses? Do you feel treated as a number, not a person, when seeking help? I provide mental health treatment that is tailored to fit your needs. My approach is person-centered; I have mastered listening and recognizing people’s needs. I treat with evidence-based practices and believe in medication reduction as much as possible to avoid people being on too many medications.

I listen to people's main concerns so that they feel seen and heard. I have helped many people regain their lives and feel like themselves. I have helped people overcome anxiety, mood disorders, and trouble focusing with a whole-person approach. I am solution-focused and enjoy seeing my clients achieve the results they desire to feel like themselves again.

You do not have to do this alone; make the contact and you will receive the help you need. Do not hesitate to have your questions answered. Gaining your life back starts here. I hope you will choose to start a conversation!

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