Benefits of Having a Nurse Practitioner

Steve FairAnnouncements

The health care field like so many others service areas, has become more and more pressured to push clients through an assembly line type structure to meet productivity measures, but often leaves patient care to be less than desired. In mental health we see this same dynamic playing out! Psychiatrists often spend less than a half hour to get to know the intricacies of your mental health history and symptoms! It is not uncommon for a medication review to be given 10 minutes or less for a doctor to assess whether your medications are working effectively and if there needs to be changes.

Renewal Christian Counseling Center has a solution! We have developed a new model! While you will still have access to a Renewal Center psychiatrist, our model of care has for this past year now included making available to you our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Our Nurse Practitioner is more affordable than seeing a psychiatrist, he works with your psychiatrist, and most importantly, he is able to provide better patient care by giving you his undivided attention for a full hour evaluation, and a full half-hour medication review. This improved stand of care allows for a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that is not rushed or pressured, to figure out with your medical professional, what medications are best for the difficulties that you are experiencing.

Call Renewal now to set up your first session with our Nurse Practitioner! You will wish you had had a Nurse Practitioner a long time ago!