Are You Spending $13 Billion Dollars a Year on Pornography?

Mark LauzonAddiction

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One of the central beliefs of men struggling with pornography is that they think they are alone. It is this feeling of being the only one that struggles and no one would understand that isolates them from other people, and more importantly it isolates them from getting the help they need to break free from pornography’s grip. They may feel that if others knew that they struggled with pornography they would hate them, shun them, leave them, ridicule them, and reject them. These are real fears, but they are based on a lie and let me prove it.

In the year 2012:

  • U.S. pornography revenue was $13.3 billion
  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites, 12% of the total number of websites
  • 11,300 mainstream hardcore films released compared to 470 Hollywood feature
  • 25% of all internet search engine requests (or 68 million daily) are pornographic


So either you are personally spending $13 billion dollars annually on porn, keeping 4.2 million websites in business, purchasing over 11,000 videos a year, and making 68 million searches a day on the internet or YOUR NOT ALONE!

But wait, those statistics don’t reflect Christian men, do they? Unfortunately, Christian men are not immune.

  • 37% of pastors said viewing pornography was a current struggle
  • 50% of all Christen men and 20% of all Christian women are addicted to pornography


Shame binds and silences men with a fear, the fear of being found out, the fear of what might become of them if others knew that they have been looking at pornography. Our open and progressive society pushes sexuality at all levels of entertainment. And under the protection of the First Amendment pornography is allowed to flourish uninhibited helping to make it accessible, affordable, anonymous, and aggressive. The lure is almost custom fit to the male psyche with their visual nature. Yet once they succumb to the temptation of pornography, society immediately shames them into isolation by making them believe the lie that “no one would understand or help you, and they would reject you because no one else struggles with porn.” The reality is they are not alone, and there is help that is waiting for them, they just need to take that first step towards healing.

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